53 STAIRS Studio, an independent media studio based in
Boston, was founded in 2012 by screenwriter and art director
a. a. zann. We at 53 STAIRS create films, animation films, and
graphic novels. We are focused on several different mechanics
of imagination for film and animation production, the most
focused one of which is the employment of neo-futuristic
cinematography and rotoscope animation.


a tranzlatur Film


Hafez Bashi is an English tranzlashun student, tranzlating an Arabian myth into English for his semester assignment. Zahhak, the snake-shouldered king from the myth imitates the shades of the Supreme Leader who rules Hafez’s country. Plagued by the fear of being hanged for comparing Zahhak and the country’s Supreme Leader in his tranzlashun, Hafez becomes delusional and hardly survives Zahhak’s voice and persona in his daily life. The struggle to conserve his marriage from his hard-hitting illusions and the terror brings Hafez to the brink of a madness and a separation.


The terminal point of our thinking is unmake to make. We believe the brisk digitalization of our time requires more formative and deformative modi operandi for storytelling. Only then we are able to arrive at a new fix in telling and retelling stories. What is imperative to us today is to spatialize raw, unreal and quixotic stories in a singular amount of time.


Please email us at press@a-tranzlatur.com


New openings will be available for our current animation film
campaign, a tranzlatur. Please check back with us at the end of
our Kickstarter campaign. Or please forward your cover letter
and resume to jobs@a-tranzlatur.com