a tranzlatur


What is a tranzlatur Film?

Iran is going through its post-2009. Hafez, a 23-year old college student in English is translating the myth of Zahhak from Shahnameh, The Book of Kings from Persian to English. Hafez belongs to a workingclass family who struggles financially day in day out. He sees the reality of Ayatollah’s figure revealed quickly and largely into the otherworldly persona of Zahhak with two snakes on his shoulders surviving on human brains everyday. Hafez goes all out with his hallucinations, which is the clash of ayatollah and his apocalyptic being which is Zahhak, and the raw, instinctual fear from the Iranian regime. Finally, he finishes the translation by including his own recreation of Ayatollah and decides to drop the copies of his translation in every room of the university and on the Internet for people to read before he straightaway escapes the country for his life's refuge.

a tranzlatur is the apocalyptic afterlife of Zahhak exhumed, ex-scripted, filmed, and animated through the persona of Ayatollah.

Is this a complete Animation or Live Action film?

The film is going to be shot digitally in real time with real actors and then animated using interpolated rotoscope, an animation formulation in which our animators trace over the original footage of the non-fiction part for Tehran and Boston frame by frame. This will then allow us to blend the fiction part of Zahhak, which is also going to be filmed, into the non-fiction in addition to the utilization of VFX. The two filmed parts blended will deliver a unique animated manifestation as the finalized product. You could say that we are utilizing the arts and techniques of 'SIN CITY' and '300', all together.

How can I get involved with this Indie production?

You can become a Founding Member by buying any of our products or directly investing in the film, minimally or largely.

Who is a Founding Member for a tranzlatur Film?

Someone who contributes to the production of the film and is considered among the team of producers, and his/her name officially will be in the opening and closing credits of the film.

Is a tranzlatur Film looking for Investors?

The film is currently supported by an angel investor for the final phase of pre-production and casting. However, we are looking for more investors and venture capitals and our Founding Members to boost the budget before the production.

What are the risks and challenges this production face?

Many conventional and unconventional ones. Our dynamite assemblage of creators and doers are in unison for a dreamlike degree of animated film in all stages, from the anecdotal line to filming, rotoscope and editing. In order to get to our éclat execution, we will be looking for more creative computer programmers and more premier animators to adequately put our inventiveness into the right visualization. The challenge is to do this timely and rightly.
Visually, in hindsight, the magnitude of a tranzlatur's production and post-production requires more artists than we currently are to maintain the careful quality equal in every second. Therefore, our challenge is very centered in the rotoscope part of the production for which we need to expand our technological and human tools while keeping a careful eye on the clock. Semantically, we need to remain the right and clear teller of a script which is a culmination of three stories, three tenses. Utilization of rotoscope and its intricacies should not sway our narrative line and its factual and fictional minutiae. Our mission is to employ this machinery to give life to a fantasy embedded in the realness of Iran.

Which phases have been completed so far?

So far, we have spent close to $135k on the preproduction. Doing such a huge work with this small budget in itself has been the hardest and the most artful portion for us. Usually films like this with storyboards of more than 2000 frames can easily cost double or triple this amount. We really wanted to bring the entire storyboards very close to the quality we expect from our storyreel. So far, we believe we have done a hell of a job.

Why was the Kickstarter campaign set for only $28,000 funding?

A film in the scale we describe and the quality we expect to produce is way more than what we had asked for, initially. However, our budgeting plan was and still is to construct this incrementally, and secure every investment possible and build it toward $500k and $1 Million through our Founding Members and more angel investors. We are doing our very best to reach out to as many small and big production companies and angel investors as possible to raise this bar and have the initial funding we need for an Indie film project.

How much is the total cost of production?

It is a tough one to answer with a solid figure. Films with such twisted plots, locations and historic and present time-frame diversities have been made from $5 million to more than $45 million, like '300'. What will cost the most is the post-production of this film, which will require top-notch rotoscope, vfx, CGI and animators.